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An epic boxing movie that needs your help!


Welcome to Our Crowdfunding Campaign 

We need your help to raise funds to produce a feature film based on the true story of the first Native American heavyweight boxing champion of the world Explore one of the professional borings most unknown and inspiring stories.

Meet Joe Hipp-Joe Hipp

Joe Hipp is a retired professional Native American heavyweight boxer.


A member of the Blackfeet Tribe, he became the first Native American to challenge for a world heavyweight boxing championship on August 19, 1995 when he fought WBA champion, Bruce Seldon, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. 

Joe Considered one of the toughest journeymen in the sport this film will showcase the rough and tumble world of professional boxing in the late 80's and 1990's. 

Throughout his entire professional boxing career, Joe has travelled the world training the next generation of boxers and spending time with aboriginal youth from as far away as New Zealand. 

We can't make this movie without your help. 

Share this website and video with your family and friends and with your support we can hire top Hollywood actors and producers to bring this story to life. 


Funding Goals

Our primary goal is to raise $250,000 to produce a documentary to help us raise awareness with industry-leading producers and actors and as a platform to complete the final financing on a major dramatic motion picture.

If we could raise substantially more with this campaign, we will produce the feature film on our own, our fate is in your hands!


 10% of all donations will go directly to the All Nations Foundation

All Nations Foundation is a non-profit focused on suicide awareness and boxing training for youth in the Puyallup, WA region. Joe trains and educates youth and uses his experiences to encourage change and healthy habits for children and teenagers alike.

Joe is passionate about making a difference in his community we and want this Crowdfunding campaign to help support and continue all the good work being done in this First Nation community.


First Nation Organizations & Individuals Across the Globe

Help us with this story!

We know Hollywood won’t look seriously at this movie unless we have the support of many fans and donations.

Help us raise funds, spread awareness and encourage a new wave of First Nation filmmakers and writers.


© Copyright 2022 Joe Hipp Movie

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