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About Us

Spirit Nation Pictures  

Spirit Nation Pictures is start up film company and subsidiary of Millbrook Media Ltd.

​Millbrook Media is a First Nation-owned, digital marketing agency. We have been in business for over 22 years and provide new media solutions including video production, digital media, live streaming and ecommerce solutions to a global client base.

Our Mission – to produce award winning film and television productions based on First Nation people and their history and bring these stories to light for a global audience.

From modern comedy, horror and historical drama we have many projects in development that brings a fresh perspective to all our tv and feature film productions.

We are proud and honored to be working with Joe Hipp and his family on this current biopic and appreciate all your support in helping us fund this movie.​


Donate Here

Contact us today with your funding level and we can discuss a unique rewards package that can include big screen film credits, set attendance, meeting Joe Hipp and the movie stars/production team, screen cameos, NFT’s and so much more.

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